Celebration of the Faithful

Adsideo Church devotes several weeks each year to the study and remembrance of faithful followers of Jesus throughout history. Celebration of the Faithful month is a much anticipated opportunity to be challenged and provoked by those who lived in faithfulness to the call of Christ and did not love their own lives even in the face of persecution and death. Their simple obedience is an implicit criticism on our own lives as we seek to also live faithfully.

Below are the lives we have learned about and been challenged through. These “cameo” presentations have been researched and presented by various members of Adsideo, and we hope that the time committed to studying their lives will be a great gift to you as it has been to us. (Click the pictures to view the full presentations.)

Gladys Aylward
Gladys Aylward1902-1970
My name is Gladys Aylward. I was born February 24, 1902 to Thomas and Rodina Aylward, a working class family and was the eldest of my sister Violet and brother Laurence. My one big ambition in life was to go on the stage. I had nothing much in the way of education but I could talk and I loved to act.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Dietrich Bonhoeffer1906-1954
At the beginning of the war, it was possible to separate the Nazis from simply “Germans” and recognize that not all Germans were Nazis. As more English fathers and brothers died, it became more and more difficult to make this distinction. It would even be said that the only good German—if one needed to use the phrase—was a dead German.
Amy Carmichael
Amy Carmichael1867-1951
Amy Beatrice Carmichael was born on December 16, 1867, in Millisle, a coastal village of Ireland. She was the first of seven children born to David and Catherine Carmichael. The family was well-to-do millers, and was well-respected in Millisle. Devout, generous Christians, the Carmichaels raised all of their children to honor the Lord in attitude and action.
Fanny Crosby
Fanny Crosby1820-1915
White scars began to form over the infant’s eyes, and soon she would only be able to experience very intense light and along with some vague colors, while everything else in the world went dark. After the Crosby family realized what he had done to little Francis, they essentially ran the mysterious man out of town.
Elisabeth Elliot
Elisabeth Elliot1926-2015
For as long as I can remember, I have been familiar with the story of the Auca Indians in Ecuador and how they speared to death five men who reached out to them in friendship for the sake of the gospel. These men were truly heroes of the faith; I have read their stories and am encouraged by the consistency of their lives in regard to their convictions up to the very end.
C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis1898-1963
Clive Staples Lewis was born November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland. He was the youngest son of Albert Lewis, a solicitor and Florence aka Flora, the daughter of a clergyman. He had one older brother Warren Lewis, or Warnie as Jack would call him, who would be his only companion in childhood and, remained one of his closest friends and loved one throughout his life.
Eric Liddell
Eric Liddell1902-1945
I thought that I had found something when I happened upon a disillusioning eyewitness account of the behavior of some of the missionaries in the Japanese internment camp where Liddell spent the last months of his life. I read of tempers lost and heavy moralizing, of exclusiveness and selfishness. The author scarcely had a good word for anyone, but least of all for the Protestant Christians.
Martin Luther
Martin Luther1483-1546
For this Celebration of the Faithful I have chosen to do a cameo on Martin Luther. There are two reasons for why I decided to study further into the life of one of the first and most prominent reformers of the Protestant church. First off, being raised in the Lutheran church there are a lot of traditions that I learned and a lot of Luther’s writings that I needed to memories as a child and teenager.
Vonya Moiseyev
Vonya Moiseyev1952-1972
1952. The world was still recovering from the bloodiest and most large scale conflict the world had ever seen: WWII. The country that had the most casualties? It is estimated that the USSR lost 20 million lives in the war. This communist nation had thrown all it had into the war effort. It, like so many other countries, had to put normal life on hold until the war was finished.
Rich Mullins
Rich Mullins1955-1997
I had a very good music teacher, Mary Kellner, who not only introduced me to some of the great composers, but she was able to capture my imagination and make me excited about what I was supposed to be learning. When I was in fourth grade, I got asked to play the communion meditation at church. I practiced and she worked with me, which was cool because she was a Quaker.
Martin Niemoller
Martin Niemoller1892-1984
To Martin Niemoller, the decorated German U-boat captain of the first World War, who seethed at the humiliation of Germany after defeat at the hands of the allies, Adolf Hitler and his Socialist Party seemed to provide the answer his beloved country needed. Niemoller voted for the party in 1924 and 1933. He was eagerly reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf in 1931.
JB Philips
JB Philips1906-1982
Born in 1906 in a middle-class London suburb, J.B. Phillips writes of what I can only imagine was a fairly typical British upbringing and an all-too-familiar recollection of his family’s involvement with the church and religious activities. He wrote, “I think I must have been born a believer in God, as very early remembered experience seems to show.”
Hello, brothers and sisters. It has been a long walk from my home in Smyrna here to Philomelium. Hundreds of miles, countless rivers, seemingly endless danger. But finally we made it! It is so good to be amongst the brethren again. Oh, I’m sorry, you might not all know me. My name is Marcion, but you can also call me Marcus. I am a member of the church in Smyrna, and I come in response to that letter you wrote us a while back.
Susanna Wesley
Susanna Wesley1669-1742
“I am not sure, but it is either a dozen or a quarter of a hundred.” This conversation took place in London in 1669, following the christening of yet another child recently born into the Annesley home. The latter estimate proved correct; born to his second wife, this was indeed the twenty-fifth child to take its place in the doctor’s family. The future of this infant was far from ordinary as this little one, a girl, was to have a very important part in the history of the church.
 William Wilburforce
William Wilburforce1759-1833
There are many names of the faithful littered throughout history that have faded away from knowledge and memory. One such name is William Wilberforce. A humanitarian, parliamentarian and voice for the voiceless. A name that once stood as a monument to freedom, faith and humanity, he was an inspiration to great names like Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.
Esther Carson Winans
Esther Carson Winans1891-1928
Josephine Carson decided that three of the prettiest names were not too many for her darling, whom she fondly believed was sent from the Lord to fulfill some definite mission for Him. Her little girl was born on September 11, 1891, to she and her husband, Frank Carson, in the quaint parsonage home of her father, Rev. Hiram Ackers, one of the pioneer holiness preachers of the Wesleyan Methodist Church.
Sabina Wurmbrand
Sabina Wurmbrand1913-2000
On Sunday morning February 29th, 1948, the inevitable came. Richard was abducted on the street by secret police and never showed up to their small church gathering. Sabina waited in line for hours at a time to see if her husbands name was on the list of those recently imprisoned but his never showed. She bribed friends of friends who had connections and may know of his whereabouts but to no avail.