We always have to struggle…

“We are called to prove in our own lives that Christ is born, that God is with us. But we are constantly in danger of going about our business without Christ. We keep to our old ways of life and do not allow God to enter our daily affairs.…We will always have to struggle to make sure that Jesus enters our lives, and that he lives on earth, not only in heaven. This is the fight of the church in the world. We are placed in the restlessness and the anxiety of a world fraught with evil, but we have a battle cry and the joyful news: “To us a child is born!” (Isaiah 9:6).” ~ Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt


We are a community who seeks to minister to an emerging, post-modern neighborhood.We live and gather in the Sellwood neighborhood here in Southeast familyPortland. We are dedicated to the journey of discovering the fullness of God’s redemptive vision for this world. We are learning the art of living deeper and further in this beautiful story called the God-Life.  We are encouraged to be a part of His re-ordering of communities, cultures, societies, and environments and humbled that He invites us to be His reflection in His creation.

Come with us on the journey we travel called Adsideo. Together we will discover the mystery of His further-ness…